So many to choose from.

You can choose from the three main traditional shapes; traditional court, D-shape and flat court profile. All of our rings come in many widths, starting from 2mm up to 10mm. Each pattern of plain ring is available in a number of different weights so helping you choose the ideal ring that looks amazing on your finger and at the budget of your choice.


Court wedding rings are rounded on both the inside and the outside for a more comfortable fit. The court wedding ring is also referred to as the "easy fit" or "comfort fit" ring.

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The D-shape wedding ring is exactly as it's name describes. Its a ring with a curved top and a flat inner side, shaped just like the letter D.

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Flat Court

The flat court wedding ring has a lovely flat top surface with smooth cut corners leading down the inner side of the ring that has court interior. The court interior will give the ring a smooth comfortable feel whilst being worn.

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Two Colour Rings

Two coloured rings gives you the best of both worlds when it comes to colour. The striking combination of white and yellow gold helps to define the rings design and at the same time gives you something a little different compared to a one colour ring.

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