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Wedding Rings – Who Pays?

Many couples, particularly brides, pay a lot of attention to wedding etiquette. From the way the invitations are worded to who gets presents at the reception, there are rules to cover every eventuality. The thing that often causes the most problems when arranging a wedding is who pays for what. Traditionally, of course, the bride’s parents paid for most things but today, couples have often lived together for many years before tying the knot and want to pay for things themselves. Which leaves the question – who pays for the wedding rings?

Traditional versus modern

Wedding rings are one thing that haven’t slipped from the wedding ceremony over time. In fact, it’s far more common for both parties to have a wedding ring nowadays than ever before. Traditionally, the bride pays for the groom’s wedding ring and the groom pays for the bride’s. Of course, the groom’s is likely to be slightly more expensive, because it will usually be a bigger ring, but this shouldn’t cause any financial problems, because the groom will also have paid for the engagement ring, which is likely to be more expensive than both wedding rings together.

Of course, you may want to take a more modern approach to buying your wedding rings. In some cases, family members may offer to buy your rings for you. If you have recently lost a grandparent or parent and you have been left some money, it might be a nice idea to use some of it to buy your wedding rings. That way, you have a real link with your family and an extra dimension to your rings.

If money is tight, or you have a large family who all want to contribute, the best thing to do is to work out a budget for the whole event, select the things you really want to pay for and ask your families which remaining things they’d like to contribute towards. This method often works well for families where parents have divorced and re-married. You can choose to make your wedding rings part of this process, or you can decide to pay for them yourselves and leave your family to donate towards flowers, reception costs or cars.

The Jewellery Company has a wide range of wedding rings to suit all tastes and budgets. From plain gold bands to contemporary diamond rings, you can find your perfect wedding rings and order online. Set in tasteful ring boxes and with free UK delivery, The Jewellery Company is the perfect place to find wedding rings for your big day. For more information, browse our website, or call us on 0800 023 2283.


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